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Earth Quest: Your Ecological Adventure
The Barbican Centre x UAL Climate Emergency Network

We participated in the closing day of the Our Time on Earth exhibition at The Barbican Centre, hosting a station as part of an eco-inspired journey across the Barbican centre. Taking place on Monday 29 August, we explored how creativity can inspire climate action, welcoming visitors to engage with 10 interactive installations curated by UAL Climate Emergency Network - activating the iconic London site to inspire and mobilise urgent action.


About the Wheel of Fortune Tellus

Spin a wheel to weave a tale of planetary fortune and prompt hopeful new narratives. Where the wheel lands is a matter of chance. What you do with it is a matter of choice.


Our interactive spinning wheel is centred around 8 ecological Archetypes that invite those who spin it to embrace and experiment with alternative perspectives: ways of thinking, being and doing. Once your Archetype has been revealed to you, you are invited to step into their mindset by completing a short, playful imagination exercise customised to each Archetype.


The element of randomness represents the equal importance and weight of all 8 perspectives in climate justice: we will not achieve truly transformative change if we all approach it from the same voice, but rather we need a diversity of voices, viewpoints and experiences to untangle the knotty, thorny issues that our society and more-than-human planet is facing. 

157_HD_220829_3650_© Hydar Dewachi.jpg

Photo © Hydar Dewachi

'Randomness assigns value to everything and everyone it touches by giving each participant equal weight: everything is equally valuable. In this, randomness is inherently political and inherently empowering.'
- James Bridle, Ways of Being

Thinking Beyond Convention:
Central Saint Martins x The Tilton Consultancy

The second presentation of Fortune Tellus invited industry professionals from marketing and sustainability backgrounds to engage with the toolkit in a participatory workshop, hosted in collaboration with The Tilton Consultancy.

The client engaged the MA Innovation Management students to deliver a sustainability workshop which pushes the boundaries of the imagination, and transcends conventional thinking about sustainability and the climate crisis.

The Fortune Tellus toolkit was used to provide prompts, provocations and questions for the attendees, who worked in groups to collectively reveal alternative ways of thinking and being that go beyond ‘business as usual’.


Earth Day 2022: Appetite for Justice
University of the Arts London

The prototype debuted at the ‘Earth Day: Appetite for Justice’ event hosted by the Climate Emergency Network in April 2022. The Central Saint Martins campus was taken over by tables hosted by students, staffers and collaborators from across the university, all uniting to demonstrate what creative climate action looks like, and inviting the rest of the community to take a seat at the table in the name of climate justice. Molly and Purvisha facilitated the Fortune Tellus table for individuals and small groups throughout the day, exploring possible futures that ranged from practical intersections, like architecture and water scarcity, to the more philosophical questions of what it means to stay rooted whilst also being a Pollinator.

Earth.Day.AB-7165 (1).jpg
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